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눈 뜨고 코 베어 갈 세상[인심]
🌏 A WORLD[AN ATMOSPHERE IN THE SOCIETY] WHERE ONE'S NOSE IS CUT OFF EVEN WHEN ONE OPENS ONE'S EYES: An expression used to describe an atmosphere of a society which is very coldhearted and inhuman.

이날 저 날 한다
🌏 SAY THIS DAY OR THAT DAY: To keep delaying something.

뜨고도 못 보는 당달봉사
🌏 A BAT-BLIND PERSON WHOSE EYES ARE OPEN, BUT UNABLE TO SEE: A naïve person who does not know or notice something even if he/she sees it with his/her own eyes.

비 온 뒤에 땅이 굳어진다
🌏 THE GROUND WILL BECOME HARDER AFTER RAIN: To become stronger after going through tough times.

돌다리도 두들겨 보고 건너라
🌏 YOU HAVE TO KNOCK ON A BRIDGE BEFORE CROSSING IT EVEN IF IT IS MADE OF STONE: An expression used to advise that one should double check and take caution even if one knows something well or it looks certain.

빈대 잡으려고 초가삼간 태운다
🌏 BURN A THREE-ROOM THATCHED HOUSE TO CATCH A BEDBUG; DON’T CUT OFF YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACE: An expression used to describe a situation where one tries to get rid of something that one does not like without considering the possible reverse effect on oneself.

빈대도 낯짝이 있다
🌏 EVEN A BEDBUG HAS A MUG: An expression used to criticize a person who is very shameless.

법은 멀고 주먹은 가깝다
🌏 THE LAW IS FAR AND THE FIST IS CLOSE: When people get angry, they tend to use violence to deal with a problem instead of dialogue or law.

사람은 겪어 보아야 알고 물은 건너 보아야 안다
🌏 ONE SHOULD EXPERIENCE A MAN TO KNOW HIM/HER BETTER, AND ONE SHOULD CROSS THE WATER TO KNOW IT BETTER: You have to get along with someone for a long time to completely know what he/she is because appearance can sometimes be deceptive.

사람은 지내봐야 안다
🌏 ONE SHOULD EXPERIENCE A MAN TO KNOW HIM/HER BETTER: You have to get along with someone for a long time to completely know what he/she is because appearance can sometimes be deceptive.

💬 Idiom

장단(이) 맞다
🌏 EACH OTHER'S RHYTHMS HARMONIZE: For two people to get along with each other as they share similar ways of thinking and behaving.

허탕(을) 치다
🌏 WASTE ONE'S TIME: To make an attempt to do something in vain.

혀(가) 꼬부라지다
🌏 HAVE ONE'S TONGUE TWISTED: To pronounce words in an unclear manner when speaking while sick or drunk.

혀에 굳은살이 박이도록

덫 안에 든 쥐
🌏 A RAT IN THE TRAP: A situation where one is quagmired in a tough and difficult state.

도마 위에 오르다
🌏 BE PLACED ON THE CUTTING BOARD: For an object or problem to become the subject of criticism.

약효를 잃다
🌏 LOSE MEDICINAL EFFICACY: For the effect of something to disappear.

맛(을) 붙이다
🌏 ATTACH A TASTE TO SOMETHING: To take an interest in something.

손을 끊다
🌏 CUT OFF ONE'S HANDS: To no longer have a relationhip with someone.

보는 눈이 있다
🌏 HAVE EYES TO SEE: To have an ability to make an accurate evaluation of someone or something.

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