🌾 End

1️⃣ 1 Letter


나머 : 어떤 양을 채우고 남은 부분. ☆☆☆ Noun
🌏 THE REST; REMAINDER: The portion left over after something has been filled.

설거 : 음식을 먹고 난 뒤에 그릇을 씻어서 정리하는 일. ☆☆☆ Noun
🌏 DISHWASHING; DOING THE DISHES: The act of washing and putting away the dishes after eating.

여행 (旅行地): 여행하는 곳. ☆☆☆ Noun
🌏 TRAVEL DESTINATION: A place where one travels.


토마 (tomato): 둥근 모양에 크기는 주먹만 하며 초록색이었다가 붉은색으로 익는 열매. ☆☆☆ Noun
🌏 TOMATO: A round, fist-sized fruit that turns from green to red when ripe.

(土): 월요일을 기준으로 한 주의 여섯째 날. ☆☆ Noun
🌏 SATURDAY: The sixth day of a week starting from Monday.

(檢討): 내용을 자세히 따져 봄. ☆☆ Noun
🌏 EXAMINATION; INVESTIGATION: Reviewing something in depth.


(結婚): 남자와 여자가 법적으로 부부가 됨. ☆☆☆ Noun
🌏 MARRIAGE; WEDDING; UNION; MATRIMONY: A man and woman become legally a married couple.

(新婚): 갓 결혼함. 또는 새로 결혼함. ☆☆ Noun
🌏 NEW MARRIAGE; BEING NEWLY-MARRIED: Being newly married or marrying someone newly.

(請婚): 결혼하기를 부탁함. ☆☆ Noun
🌏 MARRIAGE PROPOSAL: An act of making a proposal of marriage.

2️⃣ 2 Letters

인지 (11)

가스레인지 (gas range): 가스를 연료로 사용하여 음식물을 데우고 익히는 기구. ☆☆ Noun
🌏 GAS RANGE: An appliance used to heat up and cook food with gas as fuel.

전자레인지 (電子 range): 고주파를 이용하여 먹을거리를 데우는 조리 기구. ☆☆ Noun
🌏 MICROWAVE OVEN: A cooking device used to heat food with high-frequency waves.

인지 (認知): 어떤 사실을 확실히 그렇다고 여겨서 앎. Noun
🌏 RECOGNITION; COGNITION: An act of knowing a certain fact by becoming certain about it.

성가 (3)

자수성가 (自手成家): 물려받은 재산 없이 자기의 힘으로 큰돈을 벌어 집안을 일으킴. Noun
🌏 MAKING ONE'S FORTUNE BY ONE'S OWN EFFORTS; SUCCEEDING ON ONE'S OWN: The act of making a lot of money and restoring the family fortune on one's own without property inherited from one's parents.

복음 성가 (福音聖歌): 기독교에서, 예수의 가르침과 구원에 대한 내용을 담은 노래. None
🌏 GOSPEL HYMN: In Christianity, a song containing the teachings or salvations of Jesus Christ.

성가 (聖歌): 기독교나 가톨릭에서 부르는 종교적인 노래. Noun
🌏 HYMN; SACRED SONG: A religious song sung in Christianity or Catholicism.

예순 (2)

예순 : 열의 여섯 배가 되는 수. ☆☆☆ Numeral
🌏 SIXTY: The number that is the product of six times ten.

예순 : 열의 여섯 배가 되는 수의. ☆☆☆ Determiner
🌏 SIXTY: The number that is the product of six times ten.